Monday, September 6, 2010

Remembering Camping Trips

I remember going camping when I was a young girl. The one trip I remember the most is when we loaded up in my grandparents green striped motor home..yes it was green and not too pretty, but is was an adventure.

We went to the only place I had ever been camping, Canton Lake in Canton, Oklahoma. My grandpa parked in a spot that faced the water with a long parking spot. As they sat up the RV, I believe for the first time since they had gotten it, many surprises were in store for all.

The camper had many quirks. One was the toilet didn't work properly so we were told we could go number 1 but no number 2..but if you are reading this and you know my grandpa, you know these are not the words he The other thing that had problems was the a/c, it leaked. That part wasn't so bad until they folded down the booth table to make the bed for my sister and the a/c leaked on her head all night. Wish I had a camera for that one..hee hee

After surviving the first night of the green machine we woke up to the most heavenly smell. That smell was coming from the grill outside where my grandmother was cooking bacon. What is it about bacon cooked outside, it is like the best bacon ever. My grandma couldn't make that stuff fast enough.

Why was this an adventure I remember more than others? Well it wasn't perfect, but it was done with love. Love that was shown by my grandparents wanting to create an R-Venture for us. I believe this was the beginning of my love for camping. I want my girls to know this kind of adventure, the kind where things aren't always going to go the way we plan it.

This blog will be full of R-Ventures that my family will be taking together. We plan of visiting and posting about the good camping areas and allert you of the bad ones we run across. Happy RVing friends.